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How People Use Their Devices?

The proliferation of devices has changed the way people interact with the world around them. With more touchpoints than ever before, it’s critical that we all have a full understanding of how people use devices so that they can be there and be useful for their customers in the moments that matter.

September Google report called “How People Use Their Devices” outlines the following key features:

  1. We live in a mobile-first world: In an average day, more than 1/4 of all users only use a smartphone, which is nearly 2X as many as those who only use a computer.
  2. We freely move back and forth between devices to get things done: Over half of users rely on more than one type of device in an average day, with 1/5 of them using another device while concurrently using a computer.
  3. Where we are influences how we use our devices: The top three places people use their smartphones are home, work, and in a store.
  4. Search has gone mobile: Of those who search, nearly 4 in 10 search only on a smartphone in an average day.
  5. The web is one of our most used resources: Of those who browse the web in an average day, almost half do so on multiple devices. More than 7 in 10 users browse the web on their phones or computers in an average day.  

Device Usage in an Average Day

We live in a world where people literally expect answers at their fingertips, and to find them, they're turning to the nearest device. More usage across more devices means there are more touchpoints to engage with your audience than ever before.

What We Do On Our Devices

Nearly 4 in 10 users search only on their smartphones in an average day. As a result of this shift to mobile, we now see more Google searches happening on smartphones than on computers.

When browsing the web, there are clear times throughout the day when we turn to our smartphones and our computers: Browsing on a computer increases in the afternoon and into the evening, with a peak between noon and 4:00 p.m. Mobile browsing is consistent throughout the day, with a peak in the evening and nighttime hours.

The findings in this report are based on real behavior from a sample of opted-in users. It reveals how, when, and where people use their devices throughout the day. As marketers, this important context will help you better understand the reality of the customer journey so you can more effectively reach them with a single story across devices, channels, and formats.

Download full Google report

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