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The modern customer journey is complex. So it’s important to focus on the key moments that can help inspire people to buy your product or service. Google analyzed millions of consumer interactions through Google Analytics to show how different marketing channels affect online purchase decisions. What are the most important moments along the journey for your customers?

What does customer journey look like for your type of business?

Note: Channels to the left tend to play an early and assisting role in the typical sale, while channels to the right are more likely to be the last interaction before a purchase.

Beauty and Fitness

Business Services

Food and Drink

Hobbies and Fun

Jobs and Education

People and Society

Pets and Animals


Today's Customer Journey has Gone Mobile

More and more, these moments across the customer journey are happening on mobile devices. Whether it's performing a search, opening an app, visiting a website or watching a video, people turn to their mobile device to get answers or take action. Google calls these Micro-Moments, and they are chances for your brand to meet your customers at their moments of intent, when decisions are being made or preferences are being shaped.

Link to the full “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase” planning tool

Micro-Moments by Google

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